Passing the time until 5:34 pm

03.30.2012My foot is tapping nervously and will be for another hour or so. Why? Our housing slot is at 5:34 pm, and we'll have precisely 2 minutes to pick a place to live next year. Ideally, we're trying to get into the new Caldwell apartments, and things are so far looking good... there are still 55 rooms left and we are number 66 in the lottery. It would be some freak thing if all the people before us chose the apartments, so I think our chances of getting in are really really good. But it's still really nerve-racking. I'll be okay at 5:36, though, once I know everything's for sure alright. Basically, I'm blogging nervously to pass the time. So I'll talk about what's happening this weekend: tomorrow Club 6 is having a cookout in the afternoon behind Stuart. Hot dogs, smores, volleyball, music, and friends - it will be nice. Tomorrow is also M-fest, a big event for mental health awareness. I submitted about 5 pieces of art that will be hung up in Studio E on Artstreet, so I'll have to go see them and how they look in the space. Before all the fun tomorrow, though, I'm probably going to get up early (though I say this every weekend), and go to practice songs for mass, and then go work on a painting at the CPC. We have a big painting project due this Tuesday, so I want to finish it this weekend. Sunday probably won't be as fun, seeing as I will most likely have to go back to the CPC to do more projects. So yeah! There's my weekend in a nutshell. I've got an hour until I'm going over to meet with my housing group so we can all register together and have moral support. If you're reading before 5:34, wish me luck!!