Peace Out Dayton


It was a last weekend well spent, that's for sure. One of my roommates finally came back from India, and came to Dayton to visit this weekend, so my friends and I all spent time with each other. On Friday night we went to the Greene, and then stayed up looking at pictures from her trip. Saturday morning, we got up and went to volunteer at Nassau Farms - it's a UD student-run urban farm about 5 minutes from campus that provides fresh vegetables and fruits to the people in the local neighborhood, who can't necessarily afford organic/healthy food. We basically just weeded the garden and helped pull up carrots that were ready to be picked!

That night, another one of our friends came in, and we all went downtown by Riverscape because there was a live salsa band playing outside. They taught us the basic steps, and then the band began playing and everyone was out there dancing - it was a ton of fun.

Finally, Sunday was another one of those "chill" days - a few friends and I went to the Rec and played basketball and volleyball for almost 3 hours straight. When we got done, we were so warm that we decided to walk right through the KU fountain, which was a lovely way to cool down. We went our separate ways to shower and reconvened to eat dinner together.

So pretty much, it was the ideal summer weekend - just hanging with friends almost nonstop. I'm going to miss them when I go home, but I'm definitely looking forward to hanging out with my family and friends back in Cleveland!