This weekend was little sibs weekend. Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately?) I do not have any little siblings. Apparently, however, the rest of everyone does. Or so it seems.

There are people everywhere. Little kids, big kids, parents, students- I don’t even know. And I’m sure they’re all having a really good time here- in fact, I’m glad that they are here to experience Dayton. Being on the other side, however, is a bit different. I honestly just wanted to get my French toast this morning, but encountered the backs of tons of people standing in the middle of the cafeteria, some talking, some texting, some just looking. After many “excuse me’s,” I made it safely to the cash register.

In general, I donÂ’t do well in very large groups of people. This is what IÂ’ve found hardest about college. YouÂ’re essentially in a large group of people all the time. And then when you add everyoneÂ’s families, itÂ’s like a sea of voices and movement and personality, and for me itÂ’s a little bit too much. At least when IÂ’m still trying to wake up.

IÂ’m not saying little sibs weekend is bad, or that college is bad or anything. ItÂ’s just one of those days where I need to have some alone time. Alone time is always good, but itÂ’s hard to find most days, which IÂ’ve found to be the biggest challenge about college. IÂ’ve retreated away from the waves of people to the shore of my dorm room, and figured IÂ’d blog about it all- and IÂ’m actually feeling a bit better.