Poster call

06.23.2011The other day, my roommate for the coming year called me while she was at Hobby Lobby. She’s from Indiana so I don’t get a chance to see her often during the summer, so I was excited just to talk to her. But I was even more excited when she informed me that posters were on sale for 5 or 6 dollars, and that she was going to get some for our room. She tried to the best of her ability to describe all the various posters she was looking at – we both agreed it would have been much easier if I was just there looking at them with her. She found one that she was really excited about, and so I asked her what it was. Her description was that she had seen it before and liked it, and that it was kind of Asian and had a big wave in it. I actually knew exactly what she was talking about, because oddly enough I’ve seen the picture around and have loved it too. The real name of it is “The Great Wave” by Hokusai. It’s really cool. So we decided on that poster, a skinny one of a tree, and another one that my roommate described as an old fashioned looking postcard. I’m sure I’ll like it since we generally have the same tastes. Basically, we decided that our room is going to be awesome – I’m so excited to live with her.