Printmaking nightmare


I just had an awful 3 and a half hours. Ugh!! I don't know how I'm going to finish this project. I am in a printmaking class, which is one of my fine arts electives. Originally, I thought this would be the "fun class" of my classes, without much out of class work. I was so wrong. The syllabus says we should be spending about 6 hours a week out of class (in addition to the 6 hours a week in class) working on our projects. I don't have 12 hours a week to devote to printmaking!

Today was our first go at screen printing. The process seems easy, and our teacher made it look even easier during the demo. But I learned today that it was by no means easy. I wasn't even able to get one good print off for one layer - we need to have 4 layers, and 10 prints for each. It was literally 3 and a half hours of messing up, which makes you feel pretty discouraged by the time you get back from class. Luckily, I have some time tonight and no class tomorrow (though I have work in the morning,) but I'm thinking I'll probably go back to the studio tonight. This might be better - I can spread my things out, and have the place to myself. Today was pretty cramped, which made the process more stressful. Plus there was no table space to put the tools with ink on them, so I ended up getting ink all over my hands and basically everywhere.

So yeah! Not the most fun class currently. But I'm sure once I get the hang of it, I'll start to like it. I haven't given up hope yet - I'm praying that tonight I'll be able to do something right!