Professional foam cutter

06.13.2012565 squares and counting. What am I talking about? My project for the AIR program. I'm going to try to explain it as best I can here: As previously mentioned, I am making artwork for Artstreet studio A1, the band recording room. I've accepted the challenge to make my work act as a sound dampener, as well as be a piece of art--form and function, you see. In order to do this, I'm using this foam material... it's about a half inch thick, and fairly dense, but foam nonetheless. I'm making three 8' long panels that will have large images of sound waves of different instruments spanning the lengths. And here is where the 565 foam squares part comes in: I'm dividing each panel up into 3x3'' squares, which means I'll need 256(?) squares for each panel, with a grand total of 768 squares for all three. I'm cutting them by hand. Today, I cut 565 3x3'' squares of foam, and put them into a box for safe keeping until I begin the next phase. I'm planning to finish square cutting tomorrow, but after work today I was exhausted. My fingers are hurting from holding the xacto knife all day! But here's too a good night sleep and a resolve to reach my goal tomorrow.