Rain makes everything so gross

10.20.2011I guess this is obvious. But it always seems to rain steadily when I need to be walking long distances. Tuesday night, it rained on my way to the CPC to develop my film. Yesterday night, it rained on the way to my music ministry class. Today (as of 11:00 AM), it has been raining nonstop. The annoying part is that I have to walk from Campus South to main campus which takes about 12 minutes. That’s not bad, but I have a speech that I need to look nice for, and the rain really throws this all off. First of all, it messes with my hair (the little amount I have), and decides to make it all flippy on the ends. I don’t like that very much at all. Then there's the wind that blows my tiny umbrella inside out at random, exposing me to the elements while I fumble with it to get it right side up. Also, it’s going to destroy my outfit. I was planning on wearing nice dress pants, but I’ll have to put obnoxious rain boots over them so they don’t get wet and gross. Then I’ll have to bring another pair of shoes so I don’t look ridiculous in dress pants and polka dot rain boots. Extra shoes just don’t seem to fit right in a book bag full of books. And then where do I put my rain boots? I guess just on the floor where everything else is. My umbrella will already be down there creating a small puddle on the carpeting since it’s soaking wet. I’ll be trying to fix my hair and change my shoes and mentally prepare for a speech all in one minute, and silently cursing the rain for the added stress. Then after class is done I’ll have to put my shoes back in my backpack, re-shove my pants down into my boots, try to pick up the umbrella from a place that’s not still wet so as not to get water all over my clothes, and then trek back outside. Sun, will you just please come out?