Random blog

11.29.2011I don’t really know what to write about at all. I’m tired. I wish the rain would stop. I feel like it’s rained every day for the past month. And even though this is an exaggeration, I still think I may be pretty close to the truth. I’d rather it snow- the snow is pretty, at least. The rain is just wet and cold, and makes you feel sad most of the time. I am, however, curled up under several blankets in the family room. And I’m dreading going back out into this nonsense weather. I know, I’m being negative. I keep getting assignments in school that I don’t have time for. (I do, I just think that I don’t.) I have 2 projects in visual form, 1 project in computer design, a final portfolio submission for photography, a debate in communication class, 2 essays and a test in art history, and a physics final. Oh boy. I’m hoping to keep my sanity. At least everyone is going insane together! This makes things more fun. We’re all in the same boat, and we all want to jump out, but we won’t let each other. We will, however, let each other dangle off the side for a little while. How’s that for a random blog? A real time update of my thoughts. Hopefully something better and well written will be soon to come.