12.13.2011I love seeing what people can create. Every time I go into my design classes, I realize that I’m in the right major. I realize that this is what I absolutely love to do. Our final for one of our classes was to “create something based on something we had already done.” We didn’t have a project sheet, only these verbal instructions, and we were to bring our final creation in during the final exam period. For some people, this was nerve-racking. For me, it was awesome. I love having the freedom to create things on my own, and offer explanations for my work. Today, we all presented our pieces. I made a poster for the Cleveland Zoo. Another girl made wind chimes out of shells and hemp knots. Another made a crayon box and homemade crayons. Another made boxes for pies and pastries. Another made brand identities and business cards. Another made stickers. It was incredible to see the creativity that came out today. It’s re-inspired me to do artwork over break, to make things to add to my portfolio. I want to do a series of small drawings, and I want to work on my color photography, and I want to work on my website. I want all these things to be as good as they can be, in hopes of a summer internship. And I want to do it because I really love to do it; and that’s the most I can ask for.