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09.08.2013 | Fun Friday

This weekend has been relaxing, and I've done some things that I haven't done in a while. Friday night, my friends and I all went downtown to the Oregon District and ate at Thai-9, which I highly recommend. It was very tasty. After dinner, we explored downtown which was full of little street vendors, food, and music—that's because it was "first Friday" of the month, and there is always a little street fair that happens on First Fridays. After wandering for a bit, we went to the Neon (a cool little movie theater) and saw The Spectacular Now. It wasn't bad, and by showing our student IDs we got $2 off our tickets!

Yesterday was another fun day of relaxing at home (and intermittently working on homework.) In the evening, we cooked out hamburgers and chicken sausage on our charcoal grill out back and had a nice little picnic dinner on the porch. The rest of the night consisted of hanging out with friends and sitting on porches, taking in the nice evening.

Today has been rather hot and lethargic, but it started out great at noon mass. I play piano, and we have assembled a nice little choir/instrument section. We now have 3 vocalists, a violinist, a clarinet, and a guitarist. It really adds something great to the music when there are so many sounds—we are very lucky to have volunteers who are willing to be a part of the ministry!

I am about to cook something for dinner, and then head to a meeting at 8:00. Tomorrow begins a new week and I'm sure it will be just as busy as any. So far, everything has started off smoothly, everyone has been getting along great, and school has been manageable. Hopefully none of this changes any time soon! It feels great to be back.


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