Relay for Life


My friends and I created a team to partake in Relay for Life this April! The event is happening on campus April 9th-10th. It’s an all day walk for cancer, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Through UD, we’re able to create teams and so my friends and I decided that this was something we wanted to do. We currently have a team of 7 people, and it is our job to each raise $100. This seemed like a daunting challenge at first, but honestly it wasn’t too hard.

In two days, I raised $165 that will go to the American Cancer Society. One of the girls on the team got a donation from someone she didn’t even know! My family and some family friends were generous enough to donate on my behalf, and they helped me surpass my goal of $100, which is awesome.

The actual relay takes place on April 9th, starting at 3PM, and it goes until 9AM the next morning. The goal is to have someone from your team constantly walking, so we’re planning to go in shifts. A pair of us will probably walk for a designated amount of time, while others rest, etc. We’ll most likely be drinking a lot of coffee in order to stay awake through the night. Although I’m sure the other relay-ers will help us out with that. Our team may even sell bakery or something like that in order to raise some extra money.

I’m really excited about doing this, because it’s for a great cause, and because I’ll be walking alongside a team of my good friends. Now we just have to hope for nice weather.