Relay for Life!


Sore legs, sore back, very tired, great weekend. Relay for Life was yesterday through this morning. Yesterday at noon, we had planned to set up our tent but it was pouring, so we had to hold off until around 3PM. Our team met in Marycrest field across from Founders and kicked off Relay with everybody, and took a lap around the circuit lined with luminaries to be lit at sunset.

Setting up the tent was pretty funny, since I’m fairly challenged when it comes to these types of tasks. My friend and I, instead of helping, ended up pretending that one of the tarps was a kite and ran around the field with it for a short time until it was needed on top of the tent. When the tent was pitched we threw down a ton of blankets and pillows to make it cozy, and then we walked for a while.

We would go for intervals walking, and intervals sitting in the tent. All the while there were live bands and things like that to keep it interesting. Other teams were selling bakery, bracelets, and things like that. When it got dark out, the luminaries were lit along the path, and a breast cancer survivor got up and gave a speech. After this, we all lit small white candles and took a silent lap as a group around the track – it was pretty moving.

We had planned on staying up through the night, but a few friends and I ended up sleeping on and off, and when we woke up this morning, our tent was the only one still up in the field. It was pretty hilarious because none of us had heard anybody taking theirs down around us, which is pretty incredible. Overall though, it was a lot of fun, despite being tired and sore today. I’ll definitely do it again next year.