Resume redo, take 3487

01.05.2012Okay. Lately I feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I know this isn't true - it's just that I'm new to this whole "resume, cover letter, real life job" thing. I want a graphic design internship over the summer very very badly. I want to get real life experience like that, so I can learn more about the real world and the field. And also- it would be a ton of fun! It's what I love. Here is the problem, though: I have a huge list of graphic design companies near Cleveland where I'm from. But I don't know if they even hire interns or what. So I'm trying to go about this on my own, throwing my resume around, trying to make contact with these places, and hoping they're impressed by my work. Currently, I'm lacking confidence and am thinking that most places will not think my work is good enough, or that I don't know enough. But I guess that's why I would be an intern, and not an actual employee. Hmph. Anyway, I've redone my resume about 873 times. (Okay. Really only 3 or 4 times.) But it feels like 873. I'm trying to make it look professional, but not like everyone elses' - designed, but not overdone, simple but detailed. It's a delicate balance. And I THINK I've finally achieved it. Maybe. Now on to creating a cover letter, and coming up with good things to say in emails! Bring it!