Rosary group

01.24.2012One of my roommates came up with a great idea last semester - We would host a rosary group once a week. Anyone would be welcome to come to our apartment and pray the rosary with us at 10PM every Tuesday night. I didn't know how many people would end up hiking all the way to Campus South, but it turns out we've gotten a LOT! One time there were over 20 people in our family room! How amazing is that? Before everyone comes, my roommate gets the family room ready and brings in extra chairs and rosaries. She also makes prayer sheets for people to follow along. Once everyone arrives and if there are new people, we all introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit. Then we begin prayer. We start with intentions that anyone may have, and then we pray the rosary. After we finish, we listen to a song that fits the mood or liturgical season well. My roommate even makes sheets with lyrics so everyone can sing along if they want. I look forward to this time every week - it is honestly one of the best and most powerful times. It makes me feel so great to know that college kids who don't even necessarily know each other are willing to come out in the cold just to pray. It's so powerful. People are coming over in a half hour, so I'm going to help arrange the family room! Oh! And if you're reading this and feel like you'd want to join, feel free to contact me about it! We'd absolutely love to have you.