Saving up


I decided to save my money for something. Rollerblades. I used to rollerblade all the time when I was younger. I had these cool size-adjustable ones that went from size 3 to 6, so they lasted me a really long time, until my feet got too big for them a while ago. They were black and had yellow wheels and I thought they were so awesome. I used to ride around all day in them – I knew how to go backwards and spin and jump over things… it was great.

Now that the weather has gotten nicer I’ve decided that I want to buy a new pair of rollerblades. Maybe I could even use them here at school and ride around on nice days. However, I think I might die trying to go down Stuart hill with them. It would be interesting for sure. But anyways, I really am craving to rollerblade right about now. Having a bike here is too big for me and too much of a hassle. I figure if I have rollerblades I can keep them in my room and just put them on and go.

Maybe I’ll look around over Easter break for a pair. Hm. Either way, I plan to get them this summer for sure. Then I can go to the park and ride through there. Oh man. I’m so excited about this. Yay nice weather!