Say hello to one of your summer artists, UD.

04.28.2012I GOT THE ARTIST IN RESIDENCY POSITION!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! I am beyond excited about this opportunity. The excitement I have for this is what's getting me through dreary days like today and this upcoming finals week. Basically, here's a brief description of what I'll be doing this summer. I'll be living on campus for free (in Marycrest, actually.) I'll be working in the studio from 9-4 Monday through Friday - I'm pretty sure I'll have my own studio too. I'll be paired with a client, like the LTC, or some branch of UD, who will be paying me to create art for them. I've heard that the content of my art will be fairly open ended, so I'll get to do just about whatever I want. There are 5 artist in residents this summer, and we'll be working with each other at some points too, I think. We'll be reporting to two visual arts faculty members, who will help us with ideas or getting supplies and things like that. So yeah! I should be finding out where I live in Marycrest soon, and I'm hoping I can move some of my things in before I move out of Campus South for good. Speaking of moving out, I'm starting to pack some things up right now...I forget how many things I have here since it's spread out between my room, the kitchen, and the family room. Maybe this rainy Saturday afternoon is good, because it's forcing me to get things done. But even so, life is very very good right now.