Set up, tear down, start over

03.21.2012Last Friday was the famous sophomore review for the art majors. We had to present all our work from the foundation fine arts courses to a panel of three faculty members, who would rank us on a bunch of things. To stay in the major and pass the review, we need a score between 6.5-8.5 (I think) out of 10 when the 3 faculty's scores are averaged together. We don't find out the score for a month, which is nerve racking. My two friends (Lauren and Kelly) and I happened to be assigned the same room on Friday to present our work in. Lauren was assigned to review at 8:45 AM, Kelly at 10:15, and I at 1:15. The night before, we sat in the room for a while, thinking about how we would layout all our work. The next morning, I went with Kelly to help her carry her things to the CPC, and to help Lauren take down her work after her review ended. After she was done, we all helped Kelly set up. Then I had to run to class at 11. After class ended, I booked it back to the CPC, inhaled a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and began to set up my things with Lauren and Kelly there to help me. I covered one full wall in drawings, designs, paintings, etc. I also covered two tables in photographs, posters, book projects, and 3D projects. I was honestly very proud to see all the work I had done in one room - it literally tracked my improvement since freshman year. When the panel came in, they surveyed the room, and then began to ask me some questions about specific projects, and other questions about terminology and concepts. It was pretty intense, to be honest. They were not easy on me, but overall they said I had a lot of talent. After the review ended, one of the faculty said I had a great review, which made me feel better. I'm fairly sure that I passed, and I may have even received a fairly high score. I'm just glad the whole thing is over. :)