Sometimes, failing is fun.

09.29.2011We’re all temporarily failing. It’s midterm time. That means we all have a ton of projects and are bogged down with so much work. My roommates and I are all struggling a little bit this week. It seems that when we actually try to do our homework, we can’t get it. One of my roommates has to deal with calc 3, another with organic chemistry, another with tons of reading and writing for Spanish, and the list goes on. I have art projects, as well as a physics group project that I’ve been trying to work on today. It’s a big struggle. And so the cycle this week has gone like this: get assignments. Work on assignments. Realize you don’t understand assignments/ are doing them incorrectly. Become angry. Stomp around. Yell. Close books stubbornly. Complain to the other rooms across the hall. Come back. Try again. Make very little progress. Begin to go insane. The go insane part is where the fun comes in. When we’re all too overwhelmed with school, our room goes nuts. Music is generally blaring in the family room. We dance around like crazy. We sing terribly. We run around our apartment. We run into other apartments. We develop extravagant “plan b’s” instead of college- our best so far is to become sheep wranglers. We make endless batches of popcorn, and eat chocolate, and laugh and cry and punch pillows, and throw things at each other, and lay on the couch and on the floor and on our beds and on each other- And then we try again. And eventually, we get it. We’ve all hit the insane point tonight. Here’s to trying again tomorrow.