Sophomore review nerves

01.11.2012My fellow VCD majors and I are getting a bit nervous. Our cars will be full of art projects on the way back to school. Hopefully they make it back in one piece - they need to look really nice. Why? We have this thing called sophomore review. It's where all the art majors meet with the department heads and discuss the future of their studies. Essentially they let you know if you're able to stay in the major, or if you're not cut out for it. We have to present 3 pieces of really good work from every single foundation studio class we've taken. We additionally have to present projects for every other studio class we've ever been in. I think there's an essay portion too? Regardless, ALL my work has to come back to school with me. That means drawings, 3D design things, photo books, posters, sketchbooks, binders, paintings - you name it. I'll be bringing all this in addition to new clothes from Christmas, more food for my shelf, all the new textbooks for this semester, and everything else. Talk about a full car. I'm planning to leave early Monday morning, so I can get to school at a decent time and unload all my things. I wonder how many elevator trips it'll take to get everything out of my car. I guess we'll see, huh? Second semester, here we come!