08.23.2011Oh my goodness. I actually have space to move around in my new place! I’m living in Campus South apartments and it’s a ton roomier than Stuart dorms. My room is now a square, which is a lot nicer than the skinny rectangle I lived in last year. I was able to bring a tall skinny dresser from home and put it in my room, in addition to a 4-drawer dresser that was already here. I have more than enough space in my closet. And the sun comes in through the window really nicely in the morning. I like my room a lot. And probably the nicest part so far is the rest of the space. We have a huge storage closet, a living room, a kitchen, and a small area with a table for dinner. We’ve dubbed this area “the cafĂ©.” We’ve maximized the space in the living room so it looks a lot bigger than it did to start. And this year I actually have a place to eat. If I wanted to eat in my dorm last year, it happened at my tiny desk. But now we have a nice big kitchen table. Speaking of which, last night we made a fantastic first dinner: Breaded chicken, pasta, and broccoli in an alfredo sauce. It was delicious. We’ve been quite busy people this weekend, with move in and all. But we’ve also had to work events for Club 6 during NSO. We were at tables on Artstreet and at the Rec making smoothies and non-alcoholic cocktails. They were pretty yummy. Classes start tomorrow! I’m going to go walk through my buildings to make sure I know where I’m going. Good luck to everyone!