So basically, the Caldwell apartments are awesome.

My roommates and I are the first ever residents in room 308, and our apartment looks great. We have a washer and dryer, dish washer, 2 bathrooms and 2 showers, a kitchen, a living room, and 2 bedrooms for four people. There are wood floors in the kitchen and family room, and a type of tile in the bathrooms. Our rooms are carpeted and our beds are lofted.

I'm so excited to get this place more home-y feeling! It's already coming along. We put a nice rug down in the family room, as well as a colorful lamp. We are somewhat behind on arranging the kitchen, but that will evolve as we figure out what/how many pots and pans and things we have.

Overall, though, I couldn't have asked for anything nicer. I'm right across from the CPC where I take almost all of my classes. I'm also only a 5 minute walk into campus, so everything is super close. Best of all? We have a beautiful green space just outside our complex, where I'm sure frisbee breaks will often occur. I'm so lucky to be living here, and so lucky to have a lot of my other friends living near me too. Here's to a new home!