Stander Advertising!

04.14.2013 | Education

My Graphic Design 1 class had the task of advertising for a Stander Symposium event. Stander Symposium is a day for alternative education. The school has the day off, and students get to see capstone projects of other students, listen to speakers speakers, visit art exhibits, etc. My design class is comprised of thirteen students, and we each got an event to advertise for. We would be employing the techniques of guerilla design - basically, this means making cost effective things and implementing them ourselves around campus.

For our event, we each had to make 20 table tents (small stand up flyers to go on table tops), 10 posters, and 2 other larger projects of our choosing. My event was the Mass of the Holy Spirit, on Tuesday April 16th at 12:05 pm, which would kick off the Stander Symposium. I was excited about this event for a variety of reasons: 1) I am already involved with masses as a music minister. 2) Anything faith-related is something that resonates deeply with me. 3) I don't use the color red often in projects, but since the Holy Spirit was involved, it was totally legitimate.

I ended up making these prayer cubes, 5 of them in total, that I placed in residence halls around campus with little cards that people could write their intentions on. Alongside the boxes, I had made hemp bracelets with tiny crosses on them and tags attached to them advertising the mass. To my extreme excitement, students took the bracelets, and there are many prayers that have been put in the boxes. I'm collecting the boxes tomorrow, and bringing them to the chapel; I got approval for them to be displayed on the altar at the actual mass, which I'm so excited about! Take a look!

Prayer boxes


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