04.10.2012An Easter tradition that I love. Every Holy Saturday, my whole family and some family friends meet to do the stations of the cross at a retreat center near my house. It's one of my favorite parts of Easter break. Everyone meets at McDonald's for breakfast in the morning - probably the only time any of us eat McDonald's all year. Our family basically fills the whole place. Then we head out to the Jesuit Retreat House, which has stations of the cross along a path through the woods. A reader will read each of the stations, which are done from the viewpoint of Mary, followed by prayers applicable to our life and reminiscent of the walk to Calvary. I think it's really awesome to relate the physical walking to a metaphorical life journey, as well as to Christ's journey. As usual, the weather was pretty nice. The birds were out and everything was so green and beautiful. When the stations are done, the path leads to a life size crucifix, standing near a huge pine tree in a graveyard, which is a pretty humbling experience. I hear in prayers sometimes how people say to "bring everything to the foot of the cross." Well when we do stations, that's literally what we're doing, which is awesome. The Easter break was great all in all - too short, but good nonetheless. I'm having a bit of trouble motivating myself to do work, but soon it will be the weekend, and I'm sure fun will be had then!