Strings Night #2 and other music news!

04.10.2012This week is a pretty busy time! My friend who is a violin performance major asked me to accompany her on piano for Strings Night. She asked me about a month ago, and I thought that April 11 was far off in the future. Today I came to the realization that April 11th is tomorrow. Prior to tonight, we only ran through the piece once. Needless to say, we practiced for a solid hour and 15 minutes tonight. It's sounding great - we're playing Vivaldi's "Spring." (If you look it up, I guarantee you'll recognize it.) It's a very cheery song, which is appropriate for the beginning of spring time, so I'm really looking forward to it. I really am fortunate to have gotten to make friends with people in the music department - I miss playing classical piano at college, but this gives me the chance to do so. Plus, practicing with my friend is always really fun. We seem to be on the same wavelength at all times, so we barely have to say 2 words and we know what the other means. Speaking of music related things: 1. I just registered for the Ebony Heritage Singers - they're a choir on campus that sings gospel and Caribbean style worship songs. I went to their concert the other weekend and decided to join right then and there - no audition necessary! 2. I'm going to see The Rocket Summer and Switchfoot perform this weekend (two of my favorite Christian groups.) I am beyond excited to see them both in concert, and so far there are about 5 or 6 of us going, so it will be amazing!!!