Super busy weekend!


From Friday - Sunday, it was pretty much go go go. A lot of exciting things happened this weekend! Let's start with Friday.

When I got into work, there was a box sitting on my table - my adhesive sheets for my project had arrived! I hadn't expected them to get to me nearly that soon, so I was super excited that I could start experimenting with them that day. Something more exciting came in the mail for me too - an iPhone 4. Yes, I caved and bought one. :) I must say, it is pretty awesome, and highly functional. After work, I drove down to Cincinnati to visit my friend who is doing an internship down there this summer. We went into town for dinner and got ice cream and just hung out the rest of the night; it was a lot of fun!

I got back from Cinci on Saturday afternoon and attempted to clean my room a bit. That night, I went to the park with some of my friends, and again got ice cream (from Graeters.)

This morning, I had to meet Father Jerry to help him with things for an upcoming retreat this week - I'm playing piano for their daily masses. Then I went to the grocery store and bought some chicken and peppers, and cooked it on my George Forman grill outside. It was so good! And then I played piano for 7pm mass. Now I'd better shower and go to bed - work in the morning, yay! Goodnight!