Surprise party, shh.

04.24.2012So yesterday was one of my roommates' birthdays! One of my friends and I had been planning to surprise her somehow, and we decided that we would have cake and a bunch of people in our apartment when she and I got back home from dinner. About a week ago, I made an invite-only facebook event and invited all her friends telling them to come to our apartment by 7:00, and that Katie and I would be home by 7:30. I wasn't sure of the details on how I was going to keep her unsuspecting of something going on, but I knew I'd figure it out. The plan went as follows: 1. Use Lauren's (the girl who was helping me plan) oven to bake a funfetti cake. (Originally this was going to be done in between classes, but we ended up not having enough time, so it was started around 4:15 - Katie got home from work at 4:30 and by that time I had safely made it back into our room.) 2. Go out to dinner with Katie, telling her the previous day that I unfortunately had to be back home by 7:30 to meet with someone. 3. While we were gone, Lauren and friends would ice the cake, and decorate our room. 4. I would let Lauren know when we were on our way home so that they could shut the door and prepare to surprise Katie. 5. Surprise! It all went flawlessly - Katie didn't suspect a thing, and the apartment looked great! It was such a fun thing to do, and she really appreciated it.