Switchfoot concert!!

04.15.201224 hours and 1 sore throat later, I am happy. Last night was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Two of my very favorite bands, The Rocket Summer and Switchfoot were performing in Covington Kentucky. A group of friends and I decided to buy tickets last week and go - I had never seen either band in concert, so I was pretty excited and didn't know what to expect. It was at a place called Madison Theater, and it was a pretty small venue, which was awesome - we were literally 4 or 5 feet from the stage. The Rocket Summer came out first - I listen to his songs all the time in my car and on my ipod, so I knew every single one he played. At one point he jumped off stage and into the crowd - right next to me. He was having us sing into his microphone with him, and he was telling us to make a circle (like a little huddle) with him. As he was doing this he put his arm around me and the person to his right, and we all sang with him. Then we lifted him up and he crowd surfed his way back to stage. I think I stood with my mouth open for a good 10 minutes afterwards. Then Switchfoot came on, and they were awesome. They sounded even better live than in my headphones. I sang super loud to all their songs, and I'm surprised I still have a voice today (hence the sore throat.) After the show, Bryce Avery (the guy from The Rocket Summer) was standing outside, and we got to talk to him and take pictures with him. When I came up he said, "You were one of the people who helped hold me up, weren't you?" I was impressed he remembered! I forget how much I love concerts, especially with a group of friends. It was $30 well spent.