Talking about Christmas (among other things)

11.10.2011One of my roommates is doing an essay on family Christmas traditions, so she’s been surveying us all on what our families do. It’s really interesting to hear what everyone does. Everyone has a different tradition, and it’s cool to hear about because I only know mine. It’s making me want to experience everyone else’s. It’s that time of night where I don’t want to do any work. I can’t exactly focus, but I already studied for the quiz I have tomorrow in photography. Tomorrow night, a group of us is going to an Owl City concert in Cedarville – I’m looking forward to it. It should be a nice night of music. And in other things music related, one of my friends asked me to accompany her for strings night – (I think this is a violin performance concert.) My friend is a violin performance major and she needs an accompanist on December 8th. She’s playing the second movement of a concerto and it’s really beautiful. My goal is to learn my part well enough to be able to play with her in less than a month! So! Practice will ensue, probably this weekend. I’m excited.