The darkroom is not a joke.

09.19.2011Allow me to explain. Photography class is intense. And it got pretty nerve racking last Friday. It was our first time processing film. To do this, we have to lock ourselves in a small room, a little bit bigger than a closet. Then we have to turn off the lights. If the tiniest bit of light creeps in, our whole role of film is ruined. Once you go in, you have to do what you need to do- otherwise you ruin all your work. This is all scary sounding. But it’s even scarier when you realize what you actually have to do in there. Step 1: Pop open your film canister: There’s a bottle opener dangling from a chain on your right. Step 2: Cut the tab off the end of your film, and make sure it’s a straight cut: There’s scissors hanging from a chain on your left. Step 3: Wind up your film on a metal spool-type-thing: You must properly attach the holes in the side of your film to 2 small metal prongs inside this spool. Then you slowly turn it. If you hear crackling noises, you’re doing it wrong- start over. Step 4: Cut the film off the little black roller it comes on, and finish putting it on the metal thing. Step 5: Once wound up, put your loaded metal spool into a light-safe tank. Close the lid tightly. Step 6: Turn on the lights and cross your fingers in hopes that film is okay in there. I have done this twice now. And both times when I’ve turned the lights back on, I’ve had a bloody finger. I think I cut myself with the scissors though I didn’t feel it. But- my film has turned out! So looks like I’m doing something right.