The day we stole the couch

11.17.2011Our room and one of the boys’ rooms on our floor have been at war since playing laser tag. Sometimes they come in with nerf guns, shoot us, and leave. Other times we come in with squirt guns and attack them. The other night, we had taken our two chairs and put them together into one big chair. We called it a “boat bed”, because it made it possible to sit in one and extend your legs completely into the other. (I’m actually sitting in it now. It’s very comfortable.) While we were talking about the boat bed, we were contemplating the awesomeness of a “ship bed,” obviously a bigger version of the boat bed, in which we would put two couches together. However, apartments only come furnished with one couch. “Let’s steal 6F’s.” ? This was our genius idea. We first tipped our couch over and brought it to the door to see if it would fit- it did. Then we sent two of our members over to distract the boys and get them all into one of their bedrooms. The rest of us invaded. We took the laptops off the couch, moved some of the furniture, tipped their couch, and began to push it out of the room. We got it to the door and it got stuck for a minute, but luckily we got it through, and managed to push it down the hallway and into our room without them seeing. I texted one of the girls who was acting as a distraction, and said, “we’re done.. come fast.” Not 2 seconds after the text sent, both of them came running and screaming out of their room, into ours, and we shut our door forcefully. We now have a ship bed, and it is fantastic.