The final everything

The final weekend, the final class, the final 12:00 lunch gathering, the final Asian noodle bar at Marycrest, the final drawing ,the final day of school- a new final thing is happening every day.

Fitting, then, that it is finals week.

I guess I am ready for school to be over and for it to be summer. I miss my friends from back home a lot, and I miss getting to spend time with my family. But IÂ’m going to miss my college friends a ton too. Basically all of my close friends are from somewhere other than the Cleveland area, and itÂ’s going to be difficult not seeing them every day like I do now.

My week has been nothing less than busy and tiring. IÂ’ve been living at the last wooden table on the fourth floor of the library, only to leave for food breaks, and to go home at the end of the day. IÂ’ve also been spending quite a bit of time in the Rike drawing and painting. So far, 2 finals are done and I have 3 more to go- 2 tomorrow, and 1 on Wednesday. And then my freshman year of college is officially over. It went entirely too fast. But at the same time, IÂ’m SO excited for next year, because IÂ’ll be living with the greatest girls ever.

What does my summer look like? Find a job. Rollerblade. Road trip. Cedar Point. Swim. Hang out with high school friends. Bonfires and sÂ’mores. Sleeping in. Play music. Make art. Get sunburnt.

IÂ’m so ready.