The first couple days

08.25.2011… Have been hectic. But good! Classes so far seem to be okay! My professors are great, actually – very friendly and helpful. Since the students in the art school are fairly small, I know a lot of people in my art classes. I’m actually really excited to start on projects. In fact, I got my first project assigned for the class Visual Form. The objective is to find all 26 letters of the alphabet out in nature, or things around the house, etc. It’ll be pretty tricky I’m sure, but I’m looking forward to getting started on it this weekend. Today I had art history class at 9 in the CPC building on Brown street. (This is where all my art classes are.) The art department was moved here and it’s so huge. We have so much space and it’s very modern looking. I’m so excited to get to work up there, even though it is a little bit of a walk from my apartments. I’m on a break now and then I’m going to get lunch at KU – it’ll be my first time there all year! Then I have a public speaking course, followed by physics. (Yuck.) Hopefully these won’t be too bad. After that I’m meeting a fellow music minister to plan what songs we need to play/sing for noon Mass on Sunday – we’re in charge of it every week. Lots of new things! But a lot of excitement.