The fountain, the fountain!


It’s been long awaited. There’s been a fountain underway right outside KU. For a while there had been a fence around it preventing anyone from really seeing what it would be like. We’ve been waiting for it to be open and working so that on a nice day we could watch it and maybe even run through it, if it was warm enough.

Today when I was in my last class I got a text from my friend saying, “homework, humanities, 3:00.” Of course I’d love to sit in the sun with my friends after class. So we did! And while we were lying in the sun, not doing homework, of course, we saw the fountain start up. To which we all yelled, “The fountain!!” at various times. We were so excited. It even varied in the ways water went up and down- sometimes it was short and quick spurts, others were really high water columns. One kid even ran through the fountain with just his shorts on. It was pretty funny.

So the day got really nice after class, just sitting outside with my friends, watching the fountain go and not doing homework at all. A few faces and shoulders and noses got sunburnt, but it was well worth it. The only downside to the whole day thus far has been that I think I’m getting a cold, and that my throat has been sore and things like that. But. I guess I’ll keep loading up on vitamin C in order to eradicate this thing before it starts getting bad.