The frisbees have come out


The past two days have been SO gorgeous! When I walked to school on Wednesday, I wore my winter coat on the way down to class, since it was a bit chilly in the morning. But when I got out of school at 3, I didnÂ’t need my coat at all. And I didnÂ’t even mind walking back to Stuart. On the way up, campus was bustling with tons of activity. Frisbees were flying through the air, kids were kicking soccer balls, and people were just sitting outside in the grass. It was great to see everyone out again, not all bundled up under hats and scarves.

Today, the weather is also beautiful. This time I didnÂ’t wear my winter coat to class- just a sweatshirt, which served me perfectly. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, and even though the wind was blowing, it smelled like spring. ItÂ’s a joy to actually be able to walk without my gloves on and feel the outside for once, rather than breathing the recycled air from under my scarf and wishing I was inside. Basically everyoneÂ’s Facebook status was about how nice the weather was.

I can only hope that the weather will stay this way. But I fear that winter isn’t completely done yet – I’ve heard that it’s supposed to get chilly again next week (maybe even snow.) But the problem is that once I get a taste of spring, winter then seems unbearable. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the spring to stay.