The good, the bad, the everything else

01.15.2012Well here we go - a new semester is starting. Second semester of my sophomore year. This means when it ends, I'll be half way done with college. Now THAT'S a crazy thought. There are so many things that are going to be happening this semester, and so many things that have happened over break. Good, bad, and everything in between. The bad news is that 2 of my roommates won't be with us this semester; one is doing a co-op, and another is studying abroad in El Salvador. The apartment won't be the same without them, and we'll miss them both a ton. Another "bad" thing is the anxiety about the new classes, the anxiety of trying to figure out when I can do work, the anxiety of scheduling meetings and managing homework and a social life and a good amount of sleep. The good? I'm SO excited to see my friends. I'm so excited to see the type of projects I'll be doing in class. I'm so excited for rosary group on Tuesday nights, and upcoming art exhibitions. I'm so excited for hanging out with the people I've become a lot closer to over break. I'm so excited for eating popcorn while we're up late studying, for making forts in our family room, for cooking family dinners, for the chapel, for praying together, for laughing together, for going through this whole "college thing" together. The good outweighs the bad, as is usually the case. Of course I'll miss my family a ton. But I'll be home again before I know it. Though I'm a bit nervous, I have to remember that we all are in the same boat, and it'll be okay just like every other semester. Spring 2012 : let's go.