The L couch

01.29.2012Our living room is now completely different and awesome. We started out the semester with three chairs, a couch, one long table, and two small tables with lamps. But now that two roommates are gone this semester, we have 2 extra beds. And with these came a brilliant idea: The L couch. Essentially, my roommates and I decided to move everything around in the living room just to change it up. We brought out one of the unused beds, and gave one of the chairs to a boys' room on our floor, because we didn't really ever use it. Now we had 2 chairs, a couch, and a bed. We moved the couch to the wall with the window, and put the bed against the wall at a 90 degree angle, forming a nice L shaped couch. It's great because since it's right by the window, the sunlight shines on it during the day: perfect for naps between classes. :) The whole room just looks a lot bigger somehow - and cozier. I'm sitting on the L couch right now writing this. One of my roommates is sitting on the bed reading her homework, and we both have plenty of space. What a great idea. And to the roommates who have left: we miss you terribly. But thank you for your beds. Love, 6A.