The significance of having a porch

08.21.2013 | Campus and Community

This year is my senior year, and saying that scares and excites me equally as much. Today, in fact, is the first day of school–"syllabus day," where the whole outline of our courses are handed out, making you wonder how you'll be able to actually tackle it all. Luckily so far, things don't seem too terribly overwhelming!


I had a few days to get myself organized before classes, and by "getting organized," I really mean "sitting on my porch." That's right,I have a porch this year, because I'm in a house on Kiefaber! While Caldwell was nice last year (can you say laundry, air conditioning, dishwasher, and two bathrooms?), it surely is nice to be living in a house. Every morning I've experienced the oddity of walking down the stairs into the family room and kitchen. It is definitely a welcome change. The downstairs of our house is actually really big; we have 2 family rooms, a kitchen big enough to rollerskate in, and an area with a kitchen table.

But my favorite part is our porch (which I am writing from currently.) I've realized the significance of having a porch and why it is my favorite part of the whole house. For one, it means I can sit outside in a chair and still be at my own house–I don't have to go into a greenspace with a blanket and make camp in the grass. Instead, I can still have my privacy, a chair, and my roommates. But I can also wave to all the people I know (and don't know) walking past the house! I know that UD really drives home the point of "community," and I think this is why I like the porch so much. This weekend, for example, everyone on my street was out on their porches, and we were all introducing ourselves to one another, and to random people walking by. It's so nice to just be able to hang out on your porch with good friends, and it's a great way to meet others too. Already, I feel like our street is its own little community, and it's a good feeling. That's why UD is so unique, and in my opinion, the best.

Hope everyone's having a great first day and first week!


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