The sneakiest thing I've done in a while


Okay, so today was my friendÂ’s birthday. Actually correction: my friendÂ’s birthday was yesterday, but her roommateÂ’s (also my friend) birthday was today. My friend Katie and I had signs for both of them and we wanted to put them on their door today, preferably without them knowing. The problem: we all get out of class at the same time.

I wasn’t sure if my friend was going to work out or not, so Katie and I went over to Founders and got into her hallway with the signs. I texted my friend asking if she was home, and she said, “Yeah why?” At this point, I was right outside her door, but she didn’t know that. I replied, “Oh wait nevermind, I thought I lost my drawing paper but I found it.” And she said, “Oh good I’m glad you did.” Little did she know that we were right outside her door. Quickly we began to put the signs up, as quietly as possible so she wouldn’t expect anything. We almost had everything up when we heard the door make a noise, and out she came. Katie and I lunged into the corner (her room is on the end) and semi-hid there for a second, figuring that she would see us for sure. But no. She walked right by us, shut the door, and didn’t notice a thing. When she was gone, Katie and I almost died laughing, as we finished putting up the rest of the signs before running away.

While we were walking up the hill to Stuart, I got a phone call from my friend. She was laughing hysterically, not knowing how she didnÂ’t see us at all after we re-explained the whole thing to her. It was pretty hilarious- sheÂ’s never going to live this one down. It definitely was the sneakiest thing IÂ’ve done in a while.