This morning..

11.01.2011It went from nice to stressful in a hurry. I woke up on time, but my bed was too warm and comfortable for me to get out right away. Usually this happens, so this was nothing new. I had a second art midterm at 9:00, so I wanted to get there a little bit early to go over my notes again. Usually I am, since I have a car and since my teacher is usually late. I generally leave my apartment at 8:42 and bring my breakfast to class. But since I had a test, I ate here, which bumped me back to 8:48. That’s okay though, because I have a car, right? Wrong. I found my car encased in a nice layer of ice in the parking lot. I got in to see if I’d be able to see, but I couldn’t at all. To top it off, I don’t have an ice scraper in my car for whatever reason – I need one. I put the defroster and my wipers on full blast and my windows were cleared up fairly quickly. Now I was running late. But usually on Tuesdays, I have no trouble finding parking on Brown street in front of the CPC. Not today. I knew it was bad news when I got on the street perpendicular to Brown street to see it packed with cars – I think something was going on at Holy Angels Church. As I turned the corner, I saw that the spot I usually park was packed with cars. Great. After some quick thinking, I turned around, actually found a spot, and parked on the opposite side of the street. Time? 8:56 AM. I waited for traffic to pass, swung my bookbag over one shoulder, grabbed my hot tea, and jogged across the street, down the stairs, into the door, up the stairs, and into class- right on time. (Pretty sure I aced the test too!) Perhaps I’ll start getting up a bit earlier.