Timeline of everything ever

03.12.2012I had a typography midterm today. Have I talked about that class yet? Commonly confused with "topography," typography is not the study of maps and the land, it's the study of fonts and typefaces. I underestimated how much info I'd need to know about fonts, but let me tell you - there's quite a bit of information. The studio class meets from 8-9:45 every Monday and Wednesday; then we meet again at 3-4:15 for lecture. The studio portion includes projects and learning about the computer design programs. In the lecture, we learn about the history of all the fonts we're using in studio, and about the history of printing in general. Today, we had a midterm that was covering everything we had learned. We've studied 19 fonts and we had to tell the difference among them all, tell the date they were created, what category they belonged to, and who designed them. I made a timeline last night during my studying, and I titled it, "Timeline of everything ever." It spanned 2 whole notebook pages (horizontally), and had information on printing from 113AD until 1996. It was pretty legitimate. My friend and I studied all day yesterday til about 2 AM, when we finally decided to call it quits and go to sleep. Luckily the test wasn't until 3 today, so we had a bit of time to go over things this afternoon. All in all, I think it went well - I may have even pulled off an A! I guess I'll find out soon! But tonight, I'm not doing anything... taking the night off because I deserve a break. (And I don't have anything due tomorrow, so yay!)