09.11.2011All we wanted to do was go to Kroger. But we didn’t exactly make it off the elevator. My friend David needed me to drive him to the grocery store, and I needed to get some things too. We got on the elevator at the 6th floor and made it down to the first, so we thought. But we stopped, and the doors wouldn’t open. The screen read “1,” but when we pressed the door open button nothing happened. We pressed buttons to the other floors, and nothing would happen. Uh oh. Luckily David’s cell phone had service – mine didn’t. He called the campus police, telling them that we were stuck in elevator number 25 in Campus South. After the call dropping 3 times, we found out that help was on the way. We waited 15 minutes. I sat down on the floor and began doodling on my grocery list. David paced back and forth. Suddenly the policeman’s voice came through the elevator intercom. He said that people were there on the first floor and were going to knock on the door. They knocked and we established that it sounded like they were below us. So they went up to the second floor and knocked, but that sounded like the knocking was above us. We were stuck between the first and second floor. Great. We waited another 15 minutes until an elevator technician came out and finally got it fixed. We bolted out that door once it opened, nearly running the policeman over who was waiting for us outside. It was quite an adventure for sure.