Turn on the pump up music

12.09.2011Finals week is here. I’ve downloaded some rap music to pump me up as I work. It’s a must. I’m going to make a list of all the necessary precautions/things for finals week. 1. Coffee: Drink this in the morning so you don’t pass out on your desk during the middle of your final. 2. Download good music: Do this so when you’re working on art projects or papers, you feel like you’re a beast at what you’re doing. 3. Take breaks: Yesterday our friends went ice skating for a couple hours downtown. This was a great break from the mass insanity of studying. 4. Snacks: Bring these to the library to keep you energized. Granola bars are good. Chocolate is always good. A full water bottle is good too. 5. Computer charger: This is needed at all times for when your battery runs low and you’re only in the 2nd paragraph of a 5-page paper. 6. Teddy bear: Have this handy for when you come home and need to hug/throw something. (Sorry bear, I still love you.) TIME TO STUDY! Good luck everyone!!