Visit to Delaware


I'm convinced that I have the cutest nephew ever.

My parents and I went up to Delaware to visit my brother, his wife, and Jonathan, my now 6 month old nephew. The first I had seen him was this past May, right after school let out. I was anxious to see how big he had gotten or how different he looked, and we were all a bit worried that he would be afraid of us, since he hadn't seen us in a while.When we arrived and rang the doorbell, Kevin opened the door holding Jonathan, who, upon seeing us, smiled really big and waved his arms around. (Obviously he wasn't afraid. Phew!) He was bigger and cuter than last time.

The weekend was really nice - we cooked out the first night and played with Jonathan. The second day we took him in the pool, where he was content to splash and bang toys together for almost 2 hours. We also took him out to dinner with us that night, where the whole wait staff stared and smiled at him. On Sunday, (our last day), we went out to brunch and toured Philadelphia, then cooked out and got icecream. It was quite a good weekend, and we got a lot of hilarious pictures of the little guy. My friends and family have told me that he seems like the happiest baby in the world!