We make good food.

09.25.2011Our kitchen is a God-send. Our room is impressive at using it. We should honestly get an award for best cooks in Campus South. Maybe that’s pushing it, but we’re probably pretty darn close. Every Sunday we sit down and have a roommate meeting. We each sign up for a certain day in the week to make dinner for the room. Usually I cook on Thursdays. Then we determine what’s needed from the grocery store, and shop. Generally, only 2 or 3 people go to the grocery store, because it’s mass chaos when all 6 of us are there. And with a fully loaded refrigerator, we start the week. What have we had lately? One night, I marinated pork chops in barbeque sauce overnight, and we had those with potato perogies and corn on the cob. Another roommate made homemade alfredo sauce, so we had pasta, garlic bread, and salad. Last night we cooked chicken on the stove, cut it up into small pieces, and sautéed it with a teriyaki sauce, peppers, and onions. That was a hit. We are not the college kids who live on Cousin Vinny’s pizza and Ramen noodles. We make good food.