Website success

07.12.2011I think I forgot to write a blog about how I made a website. I know I wrote one about the fact that I would have to, but I never followed up on that. So now I will. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am in charge of the Club 6 website for this year. (Club 6 is a substance free organization on campus that hosts parties in the student neighborhood.) Anyhow, I had been elected last year to be “Webmaster,” meaning I’d be building the website for the club. Right up my ally since I’m a design major. I had all the files on my computer from the previous website, and all the right software to launch another one. I decided that I wanted to redo the look of the old website and make it different for this year. The only problem was that I had no instruction manual on the highly complex software (Dreamweaver) installed on my computer. So I would be roughing it for a few weeks before I figured things out. Somehow I was able to build a pretty nice looking site on my computer, and was excited to launch it for real on the internet. I had all the codes and passwords and everything I needed to do this, but for some reason whenever I tried to see if MY website was there, the old one came up. I wasn’t sure why and no matter what I tried, the old site kept reappearing. Finally I decided that I would delete the homepage of the old site on my computer – I did, and when I refreshed the page on my web browser I got a message that said “Server could not be found.” Uh oh. I had essentially deleted the old website completely, and now if anyone wanted to see the Club 6 website, it was gone. I scrambled to figure out how to get my site up and after a few hours I was able to! (Thank goodness.) So now it is up and running and I have a better idea of what I’m doing, though it’s still not perfect. Check it out! :