Well that's ironic

06.18.2011Actually, two things are ironic. One is that I work at a garden center, but I have fairly bad allergies. Smart job choice. But hey, it’s a job and I do like it. The second thing is that I work at a garden center but seem to always kill plants. During the school year I had started to grow some sunflowers. (I think I mentioned them in previous blogs.) Anyway, they were growing really nicely and almost getting ready to bloom, when I dropped them and dirt went all over my floor, and they all broke. It was a bad scene, and I was never able to nurse them back to health. Recently, I had a small orchid plant in a little pot on my bedroom dresser. I watered it just about every day (in an attempt not to over-water it). And every day, a new flower wilted and fell off the plant. It was honestly pretty depressing to watch the thing die, while going into work and seeing all the plants there thriving. Oh well, I’m determined to keep trying. Good thing I mainly just work the cash register.