When did December happen?

12.02.2011It’s already the 2nd? Really? What is going on? Christmas is in 23 days? That can’t be right. Last night was strings night! My friend Dorothy was performing violin and I accompanied her on piano. My parents drove all the way from Cleveland to see us perform, and a few of our friends came too. It was really really nice! This week has flown by. I feel like I haven’t accomplished much in terms of schoolwork, but I have. I just haven’t seen results yet. Everything is coming due a t the same time since teachers are now cramming to get in last minute tests and information before finals. Yuck. There’s a club 6 party this Saturday that we’re all planning on going to- I’m looking forward to it. It should be a very nice stress reliever. Tonight I think I’m going o stay in with another one of my design friends, and we’re going to make a night of working on Dreamweaver (a web design program that is insanely complicated.) We have to build a website for our final and all of us are struggling. Working together definitely helps, so that will be our Friday night. It will probably include movies and food as well.