Which do you want first?

09.28.2011Good news or bad news? I’ll tell you the good news, because thankfully there is more of it than bad. The first bit deals with fall break. The start of fall break happens next Wednesday, a week from today. I have class Wednesday nights from 6-7:15- (I didn’t choose the time slot.) But I realized this the other day and freaked out thinking that I wouldn’t be able to go home until after 7, in which case I wouldn’t get back to Cleveland until 11:00 ish. That would stink. BUT- the class is cancelled, and so I can leave to go home at 3! Classes resume on the following Monday, but I have to play piano for Sunday masses at noon. I figured I’d have to leave home early in the morning to get me back to campus by noon, but I received an email that noon mass wouldn’t be happening that Sunday. This means I can eat dinner with my family and leave at night! Then today, I was supposed to have a meeting with the priest who says noon mass, but he emailed saying he was out of town and wouldn’t be back in time to meet- so that cleared up some time in my crazy day. Now for the bad news: I have a public speaking midterm tomorrow that I don’t exactly know how to prepare for. And, I have to meet with a group tomorrow night to get started on a physics project (yuck.) But other than that, my busy week has been tolerable- if only there was more sunshine though!