Who wants to model?


So, I’m in a figure drawing class. This means that I have to draw people. Which I’m excited about, since I never really have drawn humans well before. In order to warm up to be able to make legitimate drawings, we’ve been taught a technique called gesture drawing. Basically, a gesture is one’s initial response to whatever is being drawn. The object is to make your hand move in time with your eye. This means that it’s a pretty scribble-y looking mess when done, since your eye moves through and up and around forms really quickly. A gesture is only supposed to last about 30 seconds to a minute, and in that time period, the drawer is supposed to be able to capture the essence and energy of what’s being drawn, in this case, the figure.

Our homework for drawing class was to do 20 gestures of people in different poses. I drew a few last week but there weren’t enough people in enough different positions for me to get 20 gestures. Since the assignment is due tomorrow, I somehow had to get it done. So tonight, a few of my friends and I were together watching TV. Another girl in my drawing class was there, and she brought her sketchbook with her to do the assignment as well. During commercial breaks, we recruited our friends to be models. It was pretty hilarious. They all took turns doing various poses, some of them ridiculous, while my friend and I drew them frantically.

It was actually a fun way of doing our homework. I think my friends had a little bit of fun too. And I can say that I have successfully captured the energy of 20 poses in 20 scribbled out pictures. It was a good night.