Why home is better than school (right now)

12.27.2011I love college. But I love home more right now. Here’s 10 reasons why: 1. Family: I miss them when I’m gone, and there’s nothing like seeing everyone again. 2. Food: the food is just way better here. Home cooked meals are home cooked meals – they always trump anything anyone cooks at school. 3. Old friends: Seeing people from high school is awesome too. I miss them more than I give myself credit for when I’m at school. 4. Music: I have at my fingertips 2 guitars, a piano, and a drum set here. And I can play them at any time. I don’t have to walk to Artstreet or the Chapel to do so. 5. Sleeping in: I don’t particularly have anywhere to be in the mornings! How great is that? I’ve been sleeping until 10:30 pretty much every day. 6. Space: I have more space to spread out, which is nice. Though our apartment is pretty big, my house is bigger- not to mention, the couch is bigger, which is a wonderful thing. 7. Time: I actually have time to do things! I always have a bunch of ideas I want to complete when I’m at school, but I don’t have time between classes and homework. Now I can actually sit down and work on some stuff 8. Less people: Our apartment holds 6 people, which is great, but sometimes overwhelming. It is just my parents and I at home, so it’s nice to have a calmer environment. 9. Planet Earth marathons: Planet Earth is one of my favorite shows. I don’t care how nerdy that is – it’s awesome. And they’ve been having marathons frequently on National Geographic. Win. 10. My own room: Though I miss my roommate a ton, I love having my own room. I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up when I get up or go to bed, and I can blast music as loud as I want whenever I want. :]